Confort and stylish clothing for your baby in one brand


Baby Heaven is a company that manufactures baby garments with the highest quality, creative designs. Baby Heaven garments are made by well-trained personnel providing our cherished ones with comfortable and exclusive clothing. We incorporate Fair Trade good practices, by creating development opportunities, communicating our policies and management strategies in a constant an open way and finally, by treating all our collaborators with no distinction.


Baby Heaven aims to be a prestigious and leading company in the international baby and infant clothing arena. Our company manufactures and commercializes high-quality garments, giving - at the same time - a fair and equal treatment to all of our collaborators.

Why Baby Heaven?

Because each garment is manufactured with materials of the highest quality: Pima cotton fabrics, Organic Pima fabrics, among others.

Because we are a company in which all of our employees are trained and appreciated providing in this way the best of its work in the manufacturing of our clothes.

Because we are at the forefront of the global design trends nurturing our design team to create Baby Heaven's garments.

Because we are a company composed by entrepreneurs that combine global experience and top-notch professional standards.

Because each piece of clothing is manufactured giving high attention to detail, using handmade embroidery applications, to differentiate Baby Heaven's garments.

Because Peru is a country with a well established textile industry allowing our firm to work with premium materials.